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Someday We ll Know - New Radicals Mandy More
90 miles outside Chicago
Can't stop driving
I don't know why
Dan Hill - Why Do We Always Hurt The Ones We Love
Here we go again,
Hurting each other for no reason
Wondering why we keep repeating
T&T - Długie Nogi
Dyskoteka to Twój świat wo wo
i sukienka mini max.
Opalone ciało Twe wo wo
Czerwone Gitary - Wymarzona Miłość
Świt wtoczył słońca krąg
Wiatr niesie zapach łąk
W szepcie trawy Ty
Drezdenko Kubas - W Blasku Świec
W blasku świec,
W ciemnościach czterech ścian,
Płynie sobie życie każdego z nas.
Monika Sewioło - Ty I Ja Jak Wiatr
Nie znam słów, których mgła otula nas
powiedz, co zmienić mam w marzeniach
Twoja dłoń, ciepła tak, przygarnia mnie
The Script, Will.I.Am - Hall Of Fame
Yeah, you can be the greatest
You can be the best
You can be the king kong banging on your chest
The Jacksons - Be Not Always
Always be not always
And if always,
How our heads in shame.
Julie Covington - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
It won't be easy
You'll think it strange
When i try to explain how i feel
Five Letters - Ma Keen Dawn
Day after day, after cry, after night
After another day
Another cry
The Korgis - Everybody's Got To Learn Som
Change your heart, look around you
Change your heart, it will astound you
I need your loving like the sunshine
Earl Duke - I've Been Loving You Too Lon
You´re tired .. & you want to be free
My love is growing stronger,
as you become a habit to me
Hold Me Now - Til Tomorrow
Baby, baby, baby, baby, please don't go
Oh, darling, don't you know I still love you so
Honey, honey, honey, honey, you know I still care
The Commodores - Easy
Know it sounds funny but I just can't stand the pain
Girl, I'm leaving you tomorrow
Seems to me girl you know I've done all I can
Тимати, Busta Rhymes, Mariya - Love You
Busta Rhymes
Kelly Rowland - Commander
I feel like the DJ is my bodyguard
You see the way he keeps me safe
With the treble and that bass
Hurts - Wonderful Life
On a bridge across the Severn on a Saturday night
Susie meets the man of her dreams
He says that he got in trouble and if she doesn't mind
DJ Leonid Rudenko - Goodbye (Beautiful eyes)
Beautiful eyes
Beautiful eyes
Last night, last kiss
No words or lies
Movetown - Girl, You Know It's True
You don't hold me
You won't show me
But I'm still in love with you
Kesha - Take It Off
There's a place downtown
Where the freaks all come around
It's a hole in the wall
Влад Топалов - Make You Mine
Verse 2
It’s implicit
You are my destiny
Леонид Руденко, Kvinta, Nicco - Destination
When I'm out on the streets of strolling
I can look on the fields of dawn
I can look from the mountainside
Дима Билан - Believe Me
Even when the thunder and storm begins
I'll be standing stong like a tree in the wind
Nothing is gonna move this mountain or change my direction
Kanye West - Heartless
In the night, I hear 'em talk
The coldest story ever told
Kid Cudi - Day'N'Nite
Kid Cudi – Day N Nite Lyrics
Day n nite. I toss and turn, I keep stressin’ my mind, mind.
I look for peace, but see I don’t attain.
Леонид Руденко - Everybody
You-uh-uh-uh don't know-o-o and i-i-i don care
So so so, so hard-hard-hard I know-oh-oh, its not fair
Get with me, i'll change it up like no one has before
JLS - Beat Again
The Doctor’s just finished telling me there’s no time
Losing you could be the end of me and that I
Влад Топалов - Satisfied
She walks with a stride
She got a style
Shorty can't look any better
Сергей Лазарев - Stereo
I'm on the front page
Headlines make or break my every mistake
But i can feel your presence when i'm on stage
Katy Perry - California Gurls
[Snoop Dogg]
Greetings loved ones
Lets take a journey